1. The Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth purported to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. It is much clearer in black-and-white negative than in its natural sepia color. The face on the cloth bears a striking resemblance to the oldest known surviving example of the icon of Christ Pantocrator, painted in the sixth or seventh century. Many believe further proof of the Shroud can be found in what is called the “Pray Codex”, an old handwritten Hungarian text dating to 1192-1195, which depicts a very similar looking burial cloth. While the origins of the shroud and its image are the subject of intense debate among scientists and theologians, no one has been able to explain how the image was produced.

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    Went to a 2 hour lecture on the Shroud where a man who was a part of 1978 research team worked to show it’s authenticity...
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    Body is of a 33-year-old male, tentatively identified as being of Middle Eastern descent. Circumcized. Open penetration...
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