1. an icon painter is a beautiful woman

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  3. Jerusalem Temple Worship 2 


  4. Jerusalem Temple Worship 1


  5. Truth beyond our limits

    Catholicism insists that there is both a universal, objective truth and a much greater reality open to all men beyond our limited, flawed, earthly life. This truth is God, and this greater reality is eternal bliss in heaven.

    God, according to Catholicism, created and constantly sustains the entire universe along with every individual human being. He has, moreover, revealed intimate truths about Himself, truths which exceed the scope of the human mind; they are often mysterious and concerned with supernatural realities. They are not less true for this reason, they are simply more sublime. God taught and, through his one Church, continues to teach these divine, transcendent, unchanging truths so that all men can one day attain the eternal joys of paradise.


  6. From The series of “The Slav Epic”, Alphonse Mucha.


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    Archdiocese of Morelia, Mexico

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    Russian Orthodox liturgical implements: Chalice; Diskos (large paten) to hold the Eucharistic bread; an aer or asterisk, to cover the diskos; two further patens to hold the prosphora (one for the Liturgy and another for the Virgin); a spear with which to cut the Lamb (the Host, in Catholic terms); and a spoon with which to administer Communion by intinction.

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    Rila Monastery
    Tovsla, Bulgaria

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    Archangel Michael

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    Hristos se rodi

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    You would reasonably expect a monastery to have frescoes - inside. Yet a number of monasteries in the Romanian region of Moldavia have centuries old frescoes on the exterior of their katholikon (main church) which have, incredibly, survived the years and the elements. Perhaps the most famous, which you can see here, is the Voronet Monastery with its bright azurite background – known to Romanians as Voronet blue - but it is not alone in this remarkable tradition.

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  13. catechumen:

    Father Daniel of Incheon, South Korea and Father Theophanes of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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    The First Josephian Mystery: The Divine calling. [Mt. 1:24]

    The Second Josephian Mystery: Protector of the innocent. [Mt. 1:19]

    The Third Josephian Mystery: The finding of a shelter. [Lk. 2:7]

    The Fourth Josephian Mystery: The Guardian of the Child Jesus. [Mt. 1:16, 13:55]

    The Fifth Josephian Mystery: Obedience to the Law; The circumcision of Jesus. [Lk. 2:21; Mt. 1:21]

    The Sixth Josephian Mystery: Submission to Divine Guidance. [Mt. 2:14-7]

    The Seventh Josephian Mystery: The great anxiety. [Lk. 2:48]

    The Eight Josephian Mystery: Royalty without a crown. [Mt. 1:2-16; Lk. 1:27]

    The ninth Josephian Mystery: The restoration of God’s Kingdom on earth. [1 Sam. 8:6-7, 22; Jn. 12:12-9]

    The Tenth Josephian Mystery: The declaration of “Saint Joseph as the Patron of the Catholic Church.”

    The Josephian Mysteries

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